Our Story

Empowering adult smokers
through technology and design, ethically.

CEO and Co-founder Kate’s quest for a better e-cigarette started at home. A working mom of two young boys, she’d given into smoking cigarettes to cope with the pressures of her demanding life. Her guilt over the unhealthy fix, coupled with deepening concern for her father who’d been smoking for over forty years, came to a head one evening in late 2017.

Sitting across from him at the dining table, she realized how significantly his habit had changed him over the years. The way he breathed, his permanent smoker’s cough, how he no longer smelled the way he did when she was younger. Alarmed, Kate sat with him until late in the night to come upon a solution wherein he’d be able to drop cigarettes and the associated health risks, without him losing out on a way to consume nicotine and socialize with friends.

The next day, she walked into work and handed in her two-weeks’ notice, and began assembling a founding team that had the conviction to challenge the status quo of traditional tobacco consumption.

Soon after the founding team was formed, RELX was launched as a crowdfunding project on JD.com, one of China’s biggest E-commerce sites. The team’s vision resonated strongly with funders, and in a period of 40 days, the campaign achieved over 10x the goal amount.

Within months, RELX became the top-selling closed-system e-cigarette in China, and secured funding from top venture capital firms including IDG Capital Partners and Source Code Capital.

Committed to product quality and safety, RELX now makes technological innovation and design accessible to adult smokers around the world.

What does the name RELX stand for?


It is within the fabric of RELX’s DNA to acknowledge problems and create solutions that are less harmful to our customers and the world we share. We manufacture e-cigarette devices to make quitting cigarettes easier and safer. Our materials are sourced to comply with the quality and safety requirements used in the production of baby pacifiers.


We don’t design to ensnare, but to empower. We work to improve the lives of smokers who find it difficult to quit combustible cigarettes, and to design products that allow them to switch over to harm-reduction products.


Creating the best products and experiences that set the bar higher for others isn’t just about throwing money at a problem, but about investing in people and R&D projects to find the best solutions in science, technology, and design.


Rewriting the rules of conventional smoking by delivering the ultimate experience to improve the lives of many. We utilize the power of technology and design with a human approach, to provide the best possible product and customer experience possible.

Our Founding Team

Kate Wang

Founder & CEO

ex-Uber China Head
MBA, Columbia University

Du Bing


Globalization Lead

David Jiang


Sales Lead

Wen Yilong


Supply Chain Lead

Chen Chen


Product Design Lead

Tony Tang


Brand Marketing Lead

Yang Yangzi


Strategy&Growth Lead

RELX employees are alumni of renowned global companies such as

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  • p&g logo
  • huawei logo
  • beats logo
  • loreal logo
RELX is funded and supported by top venture capital firms
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